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Chicago Happenings

Generally, on the (current) Daley administration:

How do people think it will end? Death, retirement just prior to son's election, indictment, loss in an election?

I haven't lived in Chicago long enough to have a really good idea of the buzz, but all this high-level corruption and influence peddling (the towing thing, the bus shelter thing, the machine in general) seems a lot less endearing when you see it close up. What did he get in the last election, 80%?

Just interested in thoughts on this; I know many who will complain about him but would never vote against him.

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My bet is that it will take two things to get him out of office. First, a credible opponent. Second, a series of political issues that expose him for what he is. The quote from Thomas Needham (lawyer) a few years ago would be an awesome quote to use in any political campaign by a credible candidate. Specifically, and I'm paraphrasing, "we police the city at the level the citizenry will tolerate". As in (conversely), we have the high homicide rate because our citizens will tolerate it.

Anywhere else, the quote would have been a wet dream for a political opponent.

His sons are probably non-starters. The Mt. Carmel summer home incident 8 or 10 years ago has one marked as a baseball bat (or was it a shotgun?) wielding thug.

Indictment is probably not going to happen either, though there is plenty to indict many, many of his top hand-picked administrators and circle of friend.

Death? A close second. Its not like there are more than 5 or 6 paramedics in the city that would perform CPR on him if he has an (another?) heart attack. A few years ago, before the city got the 10 extra BLS ambulances, the fire department sent the "closest" ambulance to his home on Prairie (or is it Indiana) in response to a call for him. The closest available ambulance was more than 10 miles away, from somewhere near Ford City. That was during the period he was continually refusing to buy more ambulances, while refusing to reduce the non-emergency runs that paramedics went out on. After the incident he reversed his position quickly. The 10 BLS ambulances were arranged a few weeks after it took him 15 minutes to get one of the ALS ambulances that he had continually insisted were adequate for the city.

But death isn't the top choice. At some point, we will get another Harold Washington or someone else who can credibly challenge the Daley record. What continually amazes me is that it hasn't happened yet.

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