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Re: Thanks for the Recommendation

Originally Posted by Hank Chinaski View Post
If that were true I should be able to find plain salted kettle cooked potato chips. There is a reason potato chips are loved- they taste good! Why can't that be enough? No, consumers have apparently demanded so many odd ball flavors (I accidentally bought vinegar/salt/bar-b-q the other day) that there is no room on the shelves for the thing that made them popular in the first place. It's like if you went to a whore house and asked for straight sex and they say "nope, we're only serving anal today?"
Re anal, this axiom from Hitchens holds (except as to good champagne, which is delightful): "The four most overrated things in life are champagne, lobster, anal sex and picnics." I'd pass on that brothel, particularly if the anal were offered as something exotic. It's not. I'd put it in the category of "things you try because they're right in front of you and... well, otherwise, you'll always wonder what it's like." (Strangely, however, the process of discovery there persists from sexual partner to sexual partner. Maybe this one is different...)

But on the more pressing and disturbing issue you've raised, I'd say if you can't buy decent plain, salted, kettle cooked chips in any store near you, You Need to Move. Sure, it takes some work to locate them amidst the forty variants of sriracha bbq filling the shelves of the local Whole Foods, but with a little determination, a guy with an eye for detail like yours can find the right crisps.
All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.
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