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Re: So about how both sides will only use harassment for political gain...

Originally Posted by SEC_Chick View Post
My problem with Conyer's III isn't so much with respect to his father's conduct as it is the arrest for stabbing his girlfriend, who still has a restraining order against him. I mean, who among us hasn't been arrested for stabbing a domestic partner?

I would expect the GOP to be at least as morally bankrupt as the Democrats, if not more so. It would have been more meaningful from the Dems if they hadn't waited until there were what? 8 accusers? And Nancy Pelosi's statement about Conyers being an icon didn't help the party image. I do not think that the GOP would have done it better. My point is that they both suck.
After I posted, I saw the articles about the arrest, and Conyers III should not even consider running from what little I have read. But the RNC endorsement of Moore is reprehensible on a level that I have rarely seen, even in politics. And it will remain so regardless of whom is elected in Michigan. It is extremely disturbing that people are trying to suggest that Moore cannot be criticized by Democrats because some Democrats have done bad things as well. It is exactly the type of deflection that Trump engages in so effectively. Yeah, Moore has his accusers, but what about Franken? Fuck that shit. I don't give a fuck what Pelosi says about Conyers -- the RNC endorsement of Moore just fucking disgusting, and the national Republican party can now proudly be the party of child molester apologists.

As for Franken, the first accusations were bad, but if you equate them with child moletation, then you are not being honest with yourself. Different situations merit different responses. As morally indefensible as it is to try to force a kiss upon a woman, it is a very different thing than a 30-something man groping and trying to fuck a 14 year old. And sure, there is more than enough hypocrisy in both parties to go around, and the calls by Democrats for Franken to resign may have been too slow, but I can almost guarantee you that if Franken were a Republican, there would be somewhere in the neighborhood of ZERO calls from his Republican colleagues for him to set down. And you suggest that Minnesota is a safe district, but Franken won his seat from a Republican incumbent. So yeah, both parties suck in in a whole variety of ways, but the Republicans hit the bottom of the moral sewer this year, and then started digging so they could go lower.
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