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Re: Mother, mother, mother - there's too many of you crying.

Being able to be frozen in place as a young adult in your heart of hearts is totally a privilege.
If in her heart of hearts, a young woman wishes to be an artist, but is instead compelled to work in a boring business, would her lifelong retention of a feeling that she is at heart an artist be a "privilege"?

Strange definition you offer... You are saying the withholding of inner sincere views is a "privilege." I'm an agnostic leaning atheist. I've felt that way my entire life. I am compelled, at great annoyance, to bite my lip around the majority of people for whom such a view is controversial. Is this a privilege?

Also, you're characterizing immature impulses and desires as though they're "natural" or the "real you." Yeah.
I am rather hedonist by nature. As I suspect are a lot of people. We'd like to indulge in all sorts of behaviors, but cannot do so (at least in our regular daily lives).

Magic mushrooms are delightful. Truly exceptional experience-enabling substances. Would you consider it "immature" to eat those past a certain age? (And what would that age be?) Skiing a mogul course in one's mid-forties is not wise in terms of joint health. If you do that, and you hurt your knees, should you be tsk-tsk'ed for being immature? Is it immature to listen to speed metal or gangsta rap at 55?

"Immature" is an artificial construct. It's got no objective meaning, and serves solely to allow those who wish to judge a device with which to do so. (If you look into conversion therapy, its replete with the notion homosexuality is just an "immature phase.")

Yes, because men will do violence and rape to them.
Your privilege is in the much shorter list of risks and their generally smaller magnitude.
Men are only constrained by social opprobrium, and women are constrained by both that and actual violence from men? Hence, male privilege exists, but an equivalent female variant does not?
All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.

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