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Hank Chinaski
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Re: We are all Slave now.

Flight attendant this AM dishing on having the Trump sons on a recent flight- “ they were PIGS left newspapers piled all around.” I call bullshit. Trumps read?
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Re: Khashoggi

Originally Posted by Pretty Little Flower View Post
If we were going to go this route, and internally decide that we don't have any concerns about morality, and only care about strategic and economic concerns, then it seems like the way to do that would be to pretend that we DO care deeply about these sorts of atrocities, and use the threat of sanctions or whatever that this fake moral high ground provides us, to extract diplomatic and/or economic concession from the Saudis. Instead, the crown prince sends a hit team to cut off the fingers, and then the head, of a troublesome journalist critic, the fucking Turks have it ON TAPE, and Mike Pompeo flies overseas to sit around giggling like a school child with his Saudi buddies, and then returns and basically tells everyone to look away as there is nothing to see here. Putting aside the complete absence of horror and outrage that this will inspire among Trump supporters on moral grounds, from a strategic and diplomatic standpoint, Trump is emasculating us (probably in order to protect his personal financial interests). But the Trump support base will be unaffected because THERE IS NOTHING HE CAN DO that will get them to actually try to think about these issues critically, even if they were capable of doing so, and the bottom line is they don't really care. And even the folks like the so-called Never Trump conservatives, who pretend to have a moral compass when convenient, will offer some tepid criticism to show that they are really against the gruesome torture and decapitation of political critics, and then will go back to blaming liberal whining for any problems our country is facing.
This does not apply if one of your deeply hidden and unspoken policy aims is to normalize and enshrine “the only rule is power” as an international foreign policy baseline.

I think a lot of nationalists and would be fascists in DC are appalled by the extent of what MbS did, but secretly applaud such a brazen act. They like the idea of being able to take the gloves off with critics. They’d like to jail and sue the media rather than kill them, but those are just different points on the same continuum of thought.
All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.
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