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Law Talkers: An Explanation of the Inexplicable

Sometimes people wonder what some terms mean. Here are some of the more common you will see.

BbBoy When Leagleaze (i.e. me) created the first newboard she made the mistake of putting it on the BbBoy system. They shut us down on the third or fourth day with no notice. When we tried to get an explanation they just insulted us. Never have provided one. Every so often you will see references to this experience or people will use it to refer to some inexplicable action taken by someone.

Em Gender-neutral pronoun to save you from having to type he/she or him/her. Used when uncertain of sex or to avoid letting others know the gender of a poster or a person about whom em is speaking. (Thanks Sparklehorse and TMDiva)

GA/GP The G stands for greedy and the A stands for associate. The P stands for partner. When originally founded by No White Noise the boards were about the Greedy Associates. After the split from the old board we chose not to use the Greedy Associate name to avoid any potential trouble. As it turns out we received an email from No White Noise in which em said em didn't believe that any one owned the Greedy Associate name.

NTTAWWT Not that there is anything wrong with that. Seinfeld phrases creep into postings now and again. This phrase was used in the episode when someone thought George and Jerry were gay, they kept insisting they were not, of course, not that there was anything wrong with that.

POTD Post of the day. Sometimes meant in the positive sometimes as an insult. You can normally tell by any additional comments made. Sometimes you will see POTY (post of the year,) or some other variation.

Stalin Board If you are very new to the boards you might or might not be aware there is another board that preceded this one. There were boards that preceded that one as well, sooner or later I'll have to get someone to write a history. At any rate, we founded Law Talkers, in part, because of the sudden changes in enforcement of rules and creation of a filter for certain words, as well as deletion of long time posters and their posts. Some call the old board, because of these actions, the Stalin Board. Should be obvious why. You might also see "that other board," "the old board," "the fascist board," and other similar names.

Spree warning You don't see this too much here, but you might on occasion. It comes from the old board where a rule was implemented requiring people to explain what a link was about. This rule came about due to people posting links to rather graphic photos and stories which people were either unhappy to have viewed or concerned about seeing at work. We require a warning of this kind here as well.

Sock A sock is another name for a moniker. Everyone has a sock, but often, people will make a secondary sock or even a tertiary sock. Sometimes, if you are new, you will be accused of socking. That means someone thinks that you are really another poster using a different name. Socking is a grand tradition that has carried over from the old board. Why do we call them socks? Why because of the hand Sock Puppet that was used to advertise a certain pet store some time back. Sometimes you will see SP which means Sock Puppet.

Timmy n. Someone who elevates form over substance, and is compelled to point out the stylistic errors of others. Timmies come in many varieties -- the spelling timmy being the most popular flavor (the grammar timmy is a close second). The expression "timmy" originated from a now classic flame by a poster who doesn't seem to be around any more wherein "Timmy" was the name of em's classmate who embodied the irritating characteristic described above. (Thanks for the definition PC.)

Toaster The phrase to win a toaster has been around a while in the gay community, but it was made popular by the episode of the Ellen show in which she revealed that she was a lesbian. A running joke throughout the show was that if someone who is gay sleeps with a number of people who are "straight," they will win a toaster. At the very end of the episode the woman who helped Ellen realize she was gay received a toaster from Melissa Etheridge. Sometimes people will refer to gay people as toasters, other times it will be a reference to winning a toaster, i.e. "turning" a straight person gay or even a gay person straight.

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